Built on BASE

Built on BASE

The Story

In a Blockchain far, far away hid a meme of epic proportions!…

Once the biggest meme in Web 2.0, Baby Yoda captured the hearts of people all around the galaxy.

But there came a time when darkness infiltrated the meme space, spawning memes that lacked humor or charm and then the great meme wars began…

In the battle against the nefarious Darth Genslar and his army of Jeet Troopers, a beacon of hope arose as The Base Chain illuminated the Blockchain.

With whimsical memes like Brett and Toshi as well as many Frens across the Blockchain to join the fight like PePe, Andy & Landwolf a crucial element was missing…

A meme capable of bringing cuteness and the light side of the blockchain to all, countering the malevolence of Darth Genslar and the Jeets.

…And that’s when, $BODA emerged, igniting the Blue Flames on the blockchain and spreading cuteness far and wide.

Welcome BASED YODA To Base.

May the Pumps Be With You.


Token Name


Token Ticker



100 Billion

Buy Tax


Sell Tax




Based Yoda’s Galactic GuiDE to Find BoDA

Download & install the Metamask Wallet either from the app store on your phone or the browser extension for desktop.

Head over to bridge.base.org, connect your wallet on the Ethereum blockchain. Choose how much ETH you would like to bridge from the ERC20 network to Base. Remember to leave enough for gas fees.

Head over to Uniswap and paste the $BODA contract Address listed on this website to swap your ETH.

Set your coordinates to the Uniswap trading outpost. Here, in the bustling marketplace of the cosmos, you shall use the sacred $BODA contract Address found on the scrolls of this website to exchange your ETH for the powerful $BODA.

Now all you have to do is add the $BODA contract address to your Metamask Wallet for your $BODA tokens to show. Welcome aboard!


The initiative surrounding our Yoda-Inspired Crypto Adventure, including its digital presence, community engagements, and any outbound communications, is a creative endeavor without any direct or implied endorsement, collaboration, or affiliation with the Star Wars franchise, Lucasfilm, Disney, or any entities associated with them. This venture draws on iconic imagery and themes reminiscent of the Star Wars narrative purely for the sake of parody, humor, and the enjoyment of fans, without claiming any official connection or approval from the proprietors of the Star Wars trademarks.

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